KADIPATTA: Adding Flavors to life

Your love and support make us do things. We are very excited to announce to you the launch of Kadipatta: Adding flavors to life, An exclusive cloud kitchen by CV’s team.

We are ready to serve you, Better than before! Kadipatta is a well-equipped and very hygienic cloud kitchen that showcases/brings you dishes full of magical and otherworldly flavors of Indian spices. This cloud kitchen with its traditional practices fused with modernity provides excellent flavorsome food. Whether you’re at home sitting in front of T.V or in an office at your desk you will be presented with relishing and mouth-watering dishes chosen by you from Kadipatta’s delicious and distinct menu.

Our vision for Kadipatta is to pursue great flavor with good ethics and deliver the finger-licking and flavorous food comfortably with zero compromises on quality.

Let us add flavor to your awesome life and make it flavorsome!
For a while, we served you tea and breakfast,
It’s time to take our relationship further!
Now let us serve you lunch and dinner.

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